Marek Halter: “We continue the Cold War, and it is not the fault of Russia”

marek-halterAudrey Crespo-Mara: In February, you proclaim reconciled after the outrage you! Stéphane Hessel . An ecumenical advocacy. When we see what happens in Jerusalem, a bomb in a synagogue with an ax … Is that Palestinians and Israelis can hear your message “Be reconciled!” I need regular.

Marek Halter : Look, it does not have much time to reconcile.

This ecumenical message Reconciled!, Do you think that young French convert, go to wage jihad and become executioners can hear?

Yes, if offered another adventure! What we are proposing today? What an adventure? I remember twenty years ago, there was Doctors Without Borders, Action against hunger … And when, with imams, rabbis, priests, it was a convoy for peace in Gaza – is the did it! – There were hundreds of young people who accompanied us, and for them, it was an amazing adventure! We crossed the border, the people of Hamas , with their Kalashnikovs, we cheered!

But today there are hundreds of young French people who do jihad in Syria and Iraq …

But we must make them read this religion to which they adhere. They do not know, they have not read. I now expect the highest levels of Islam, it is a call to the billions of Muslims to fight those who dirty their religion, that’s what I expect!

Do you think that these young people can hear the message of Manuel Valls and Bernard Cazeneuve who say the French jihadists: “This is the death that awaits you there!” A law is passed, but some continue – via the Internet and in some mosques – return to their brain …

Cazeneuve Valls and do their job. But you have to put in the minds of those who are ready to die. When you kill in the name of God, do you think that once you enter death directly to heaven. So they are not afraid of death. We are still aimed at people who are afraid of death! You and me, we are afraid of death! We want to live as long as possible and as closely as possible. Not them. So it is useless to say: “This is the death that awaits you there!”

To solve the problem of the EI group in Iraq and Syria, the Iraqi army and Syrian need to be helped. Is this a real help would be to send in ground troops?

There are two ways to fight the fanatics. Using the same methods they – without cutting heads, of course – although … Or going on the ground. Yes, go on the field! It is useless to continue to bomb in a vacuum! We have not seen a single death jihadist killed by a US bomb, not one! We see the Americans bomb, bomb, and we see nothing. There is no result!

Americans and Europeans give lessons to your friend Putin. You know well, very well … You have even sent him a text message when he slammed the door of the G20 this weekend . What have you written him?

You should see Putin in Moscow on Thursday. Alexandre Adler, Monday, we said: “Putin is a kid .. very emotional It’s not at all what thought leader whose French extreme right today boasts the power ” How is Putin?

No, this is not a kid! This is someone who thinks. This is not a chess player like other leaders, it is a judoka! That is to say, he has a habit of dealing with stronger people and enjoy their power to put down.

Gorbachev said that “the world is on the brink of a new cold war.” Do you agree with his prediction?

Yes, but it will be our fault!

The fault of Europe?

Yes! Imagine for a second that installs trained on Washington to Mexico rockets. How America would react? That is what the Americans are doing! Look at the map: Poland, Czechoslovakia, the Baltic countries and Ukraine now! They want to install the foundations of NATO against that? Against Russia!

Then they were promised the opposite when the Berlin Wall fell, they were told that there would be no NATO bases in Ukraine …

Exactly! We continue the Cold War, it is not the fault of Russia. Russia needs to change, it will change. When my students will come to power, Russia has changed. But in the meantime, we can talk! These are people with whom we speak! They read the same books as us, they listen to the same music as us. You have to go – and I have offered our politicians – in Moscow and propose a compromise. And I am convinced that Putin is ready to sign it.

You think France is wrong because it is pushed by the Americans?

Of course! We do not do politics Americans. What are their interests, we have ours. We are a great country! You know, it was General de Gaulle, who had asked NATO bases to leave because he had realized that we needed our independence. America has its interests, it stands, they are not always the same as ours.

And you think it was not to offer Ukraine need to enter Europe, but in Russia?

Of course!

And must deliver Mistral Putin , whatever the Ukraine, Crimea matter?

These are two different things. We live in a capitalist system with supply and demand. There are people in Saint-Nazaire who need work. We made them work. There is a commodity that has been paid and the book, period! Otherwise, it will cost us very, very expensive, and for what?

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