Maria Zakharova said on the “new page” of his life

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said on the “new page” of his life. According to the politician, now she’s presenting awards to Lion of Nikolaev for action in education and science popularization in the country. About Zakharova said in Facebook.


The representative of the Russian foreign Ministry presented the Gold medal of the Lion of Nikolaev TV presenter Andrey Malakhov. Zakharov told about his first performance live on his transfer. She reported that a song called “Bring back memory”. Zakharov believes that peace is not the natural state of man, people have to fight for it. The song, which she sang into the microphone and laid out the Network, is a call. It tells about the soldiers who fought in the battle for peace.

Earlier, Maria Zakharova revealed the secret of the success of their green dress, which she attended Moscow international film festival. She has not found time for trips to the store, so Zakharov himself made a sketch on a sheet of paper and showed it to the designer. The result was a dress that caused a lot of questions from fans.