Marine life facing mass extinction − scientists

Морской фауне грозит массовое вымирание − ученые

The impact of global warming may lead to decrease in the concentration of dissolved oxygen in sea water.

Scientists have stated that global warming could lead to a sharp drop in the level of dissolved oxygen in sea water

In the study, researchers examined the contents of uranium isotopes in sediments aged about 100 million years which were found in England and Italy. This analysis allowed us to estimate the oxygen content in the oceans and the causes of its depletion.

The results showed that, during oceanic anoxic events, which occurred 94 million years ago, the ocean came a large number of carbon compounds because of the high concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and rise in temperature. After the temperature and concentration of carbon dioxide decreases, the oceans gradually restore the balance.

As emphasized by the researchers, the high content of CO2 in the atmosphere was caused by massive volcanic eruptions. The reduction of dissolved oxygen in sea water had a negative impact on marine fauna, though did not cause mass extinction.