Maslyakov was forbidden to use the acronym KVN in the movie about the show

Alexander Maslyakov prohibits the use of the abbreviation “KVN” in the movie about the club. This was stated by the authors of the project.


The owner of the rights to the brand of KVN Alexander Maslyakov has not given permission for the use of the abbreviation of the club in the film dedicated to the history of the popular show. According to the Director of the film Mansky, appears on the scene KVN in the face of the owner’s rights Maslyakova, which prohibits the display film in which Maslyakov hardly show. “Fun and inventive”, says the Director. After that, the movie decided to call “birth Story”. Will show it on December 9, the event “Artdocfest” in the Russian capital.

A new conflict happened with the WHC. Letter Maslyakov banning the use of the abbreviation was in the “carro Art”. It is reported that the reduction in the WHC title is considered a violation of the rights to use the logo “drink.”

First it was reported that the show’s host Alexander Maslyakov has left his post in the “Planet of KVN” at the personal request. Noted, he will continue to work leading after the resignation from the post of Director.