Matios of the rebellion ex-fighters Tornado: This mess was made possible due to the fulfillment of his duties by the Prosecutor

Матиос о бунте экс-бойцов Торнадо: Этот беспредел стал возможным вследствие невыполнения своих обязанностей прокурором

Chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios said that the rebellion of the ex-fighters “Tornado” became possible including because of the failure of duties by the Prosecutor, but the final assessment of his actions to give judgment. This Matios said in “Prime Evening” on TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“To my great shame, as one of the representatives of the GPU, this mess became possible because of an absurd failure to comply with its duties as a Prosecutor, which is responsible for the observance of legality in places of serving the sentence. Assessment, both legal and administrative, including criminal it will also this, because those messages operational units of the newly appointed managers, who transferred to Kiev, which began this very difficult to struggle with the cruel violations of this pseudo-the Prosecutor managed to drink alcohol with a “dog” in Lukyanovka jail right in the camera”, – said Matios.

The chief military Prosecutor said that the state has an obligation to stop it, for this purpose, heads of law enforcement agencies, the national police, the GPU, the SBU, has sent an address to Chairman of the national security Council and the President on the need to convene the national security Council in the near future.

“At the request of law enforcement agencies heads of national police, the GPU, the SBU sent appeals to the President, national security Council, President Petro Poroshenko on the need to convene the national security Council in the near future for the solution of problems and development of algorithms eliminate and prevent such further and other things that are happening in the system of sentence”, – said Matios.

Matios said that the decision of the Council, if it will, will start systematic work on harmonization of rules of stay in imprisonment places of the Ministry of internal Affairs, jail and in the respective colonies, and correctional institutions.

Recall, August 9, during the escorting fighters “Tornado” under Lukyanovsky jail, clashes occurred between citizens and police officers.

In the end, three soldiers of the battalion “Tornado”, which was held in the Lukyanivka prison in Kyiv, was transferred, and others put in solitary confinement. As told in the Ministry of justice, the result of the application of the soldiers improvised explosive packets suffered one of the police officers. In addition, it was reported that “tornadovtsa” poured gasoline on one of the police officers and threatened to set fire to it.

Recall that two employees of Lukyanovka jail handed fighters “Tornado” forbidden items.

The Minister of justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko has announced tough administrative decisions concerning employees Lukyanovka jail in the near future.

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