Mcqs in mathematics may be compulsory for all graduates – Grinevich

ВНО по математике может стать обязательным для всех выпускников, - Гриневич

In Ukraine, the introduction is compulsory for all graduates of external independent evaluation (UPE) in mathematics. This was announced by the Minister of education Liliya Hrynevych during the conference “New Ukrainian school – start the reforms, the participation of communities”, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“Maybe we will consider now a discussion is going, increasing the number of compulsory subjects of external independent evaluation tests, including in math,” – said Grinevich.

According to her, the changes will not take next year, as preparation for them takes time.

“But I see a policy justification for this decision,” she said.

The Minister noted that one of the priorities of the Ministry is to increase the level of mathematics teaching at all levels, as in Ukraine, there is a very good, elite mathematical education, but the average level of teaching of the subject is low.

“If you compare all the items of EIT, the largest number of 200-balnikov we have in mathematics, and the largest number of students with the worst results also in mathematics,” – said Grinevich.

We will remind, earlier the Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin described the results of testing in mathematics as a “total disaster” and said that every other applicant is not versed in basic mathematical rules.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian center of evaluation of education plans from 2019 to enter the state final certification in the form of external independent testing for graduates of colleges and schools on mathematics and history of Ukraine (optional).

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