“Me Tonya” —A champion monster

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The film “Me, Tonya” has drawn from the history of the female as a satire corrosive ramifications are astonishing.

During the national Championship of figure skating u.s. in 1994, is one of the favourites of the competition, Nancy Kerrigan, was hit in the leg with a metal bar. The subsequent investigation revealed that the husband of her rival Tonya Harding had asked a friend, who had in turn hired two thugs to do the mischief. At the end of a trial, resounding where she denied having been aware of the plan of her husband, Harding was banned for life from the competition. The movie Me, Tonya pulled of her story as a satire corrosive ramifications are astonishing.


A history, it appears more complicated than what the headlines of the time reported. As the note of office Tonya Harding (Margot Robbie), the people had come to believe that she had attacked Nancy Kerrigan — popular belief adequately implemented in images with a Harding distorted sadism.


In good part written from interviews with Tonya Harding and her ex Jeff Gillooly (Sebastian Stan), the scenario of Steven Rogers present versions of the facts often diametrically opposed. The black humour in which is bathed the film is very much in the juxtaposition of those versions (hat to the editor Tatiana S. Riegel).


At the end of, or during each of these testimonies delivered infront of the camera by the actors, one slips into the reconstruction, from the fake documentary or docufiction.

Go see Me Tonya or not? The response of François Lévesque.



Brilliant Allison Janney


Among other examples, Harding recounts the episodes of domestic violence which she endured with Gillooly. Which, after that these attacks were shown a very raw, denies everything and said that he rather had to flee the balls of Harding, as the shotgun since childhood. Busy pulling furiously on Gillooly, Harding directed the viewer, stating : “I’ve never done this ! “


Such breaking of the “fourth wall” are common, while notes of caustic and dubious assertions, strung together in an aside. This is a game, it is the mother of Harding, LaVona Fay Golden (Allison Janney), who wins. Asking in mother courage at the present, it appears after virtuoso of psychological violence. For who interested, the interviews given in lieu of a denial by the real LaVona Fay Golden only illustrate how Allison Janney has brilliantly managed to caricature his model.


Unpayable, the veteran actress steals the show.


Everyone except her


Although Margot Robbie, not rest, reveals amount of shades under the surface of the frustrates of Tonya Harding, “white trash” and “redneck” self-proclaimed.

Photo: VVS Films
Margot Robbie reveals a quantity of nuances beneath the surface frustrated of Tonya Harding.


If it does not seek to minimize the defects of the latter or to be a martyr, you want to proof these quick clips that come to contradict it here and there, director Craig Gillespie brush her a sympathetic portrait. Unlike Nancy Kerrigan, a character here, tertiary figure of vile privileged. For a little bit, this would be it, the wicked.


She, and the mother of Harding, and his example And the manipulative media, and the american Association of skating, depicted in a unflattering. Not to mention the justice system, which served as a fine of $ 160,000 and a lifetime ban from competing after she had pleaded guilty to a chief of obstructing justice. As she says in court, the skating, it was all she had.


“Not my fault ! “


However, corollary unexpected, bringing to the fore this vision of things, the film commits the one of the personality traits of the subject which he ridicules yet the most often. Namely, the mania that was Harding to repeat at every turn and in every tone : “This is not my fault ! “


With a brilliantly narrative impressive, not to say blinding, Rogers and Gillespie establish that Tonya Harding in bava during his life, but always knew how to get up. Abused, battered, but a champion, however, lauded by admirers and worshippers who the conspuèrent then with delight, there she reappeared, the magic of cinema, helping, as a heroine, misunderstood.


Hilarious at the time, the demonstration leaves, once the intoxication of laughter, a bit puzzled.

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Me, Tonya (V. O., s.-t. f. I, Tonya)
★★★ 1/2

Satirical comedy by Craig Gillespie. With Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan, Allison Janney, Paul Walter Hauser, Julianne Nicholson. United states, 2017, 121 minutes.