Media: Cristiano Ronaldo regrets about the breakup with Irina Shayk

The media reported that the striker of real Madrid and Portugal is still experiencing feelings in the model of Russian origin Irina Shayk.

This is reported by foreign tabloids, quoting the words of friends of 33-year-old footballer.

It is reported that Cristiano Ronaldo regrets about how it ended out with Irina Shayk’s relationship. Also the player is still interested in the model’s life and experiences to Irina tender feelings.

Ronaldo said that he did not think that Sheik is really about to leave him. And feelings to the model of Russian origin from Cristiano and not cooled, though the couple divorced in early 2015.

The media also reported that Cristiano Ronaldo, jealous of Irina Shayk for its current man – 43-year-old actor Bradley Cooper.

Recall that shortly after breaking up with Cristiano Ronaldo Wu Irina Shayk struck up a romance with Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper. Relationship with Cooper, Irina gave birth to a daughter.

Cristiano Ronaldo at the moment is in a relationship with 23-year-old Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez. In November 2017, the couple had a daughter.

From Christiano in addition to daughter has three more children, which the Portuguese athlete gave birth to a surrogate mother.