Media: Manafort went to work for trump, because he lost a major client Yanukovych

СМИ: Манафорт пошел работать у Трампа, потому что потерял самого прибыльного клиента Януковича

Spin doctor by Paul Manafort after the flight of Viktor Yanukovych could use a chief of staff Donald trump, for their own enrichment. It is reported by The Washington Post, citing sources among the trump presidential bid.

“From March to August 2016, nothing indicated that the Manafort able to comprehend the crisis,” – said the source publication.

According to them, Manafort no idea how difficult it is to work in the headquarters of the trump, but still tried to save his fortune, “to start the global scheme of fraud” and to enter a new phase in his career.

Additionally, Manafort, informed sources, long before the work on the trump know that his business is in danger as his “most profitable client” – then Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych fled from Ukraine. After Manafort stopped receiving money from Yanukovych, his expenses quickly outstripped their income.

We will remind, the court over Manafort began in the United States on July 31. He is accused of money laundering and tax evasion for nearly 10 years of cooperation with the former leadership of Ukraine.

The consequence considers that for the work of a political consultant in Ukraine Manafort earned more than $ 60 million, but officially it has declared 14 million dollars. revenues for 2010-2014.

Earlier, the investigation team has presented more than 300 documents that reveal details of the cooperation of Manafort with the Party of regions and the Opposition bloc.

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