Media: Saakashvili is accused of attempted wife Poroshenko

Mikhail Saakashvili accused in the assassination attempt on the wife of the President of Ukraine Marina Poroshenko. About it write local mass-media.


Gruzinskogo against former President and ex-head of the Odessa region can open another criminal case. According to local correspondents, it may be a prosecution for an attempt on Maryna Poroshenko, wife of the Ukrainian President.

The Prosecutor’s office of the country have not confirmed data on the likely criminal penalty Saakashvili about his assassination attempt on the President’s wife. Close to the office, the informants characterized these rumors as fiction.

Saakashvili himself have not said anything yet about another criminal proceedings, but have already expressed positive attitude towards the Marina Poroshenko. The second lady of the country he considers a good person and a wonderful wife.