Media: Samsung is already working on prototypes for Galaxy S10 and S11

Insider sources say, have not announced the next flagship Galaxy S9, the announcement of which is expected not earlier than in February 2018, Samsung has started heavily working on the development of new mobile devices Galaxy S10 and S11. It is likely about some of the early prototypes, but the fact is still the place to be.


The output devices are prepared in 2019 and 2020. The engineering Department of the company certifies that all of its smartphones that will be released after S8 Note, that is the actual device must have a unique camera functions, analogues in the market will not be for a long time.

Also authoritative sources States that Samsung has already started to develop “highly advanced technologies”, which will be implemented in future devices. For example, S9 needs to bring the integration with various electronic devices to make perfect.

In addition, more will develop the ability to control “smart” appliances, which first appeared on the Galaxy S8.
Technical specifications Samsung Galaxy S10 and S11 in this case, depends entirely on the innovations that will be introduced in the upcoming in Feb the flagship.