In medical school graduate police seized amphetamine

333332-300x218 (1)28-year-old drew the attention of law enforcement kremenchanyn when deboshyryv near the bus station. And it turned out that it was not his most serious offense. When browsing in your pocket offender police found three plastic bags with suspicious powder is visually similar to amphetamine.

According to the head OBNON Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Ternopil Oblast Vladimir Strojiči, a former medical school student over four years taking psychotropic substances. The suspect explained that beige powder kept purely for their own needs.

By the way, grams of amphetamine on the black market worth 400 – 500 USD, and it was kremenchanyna three times.

The truth of the evidence regarding the appointment of the new moon and the origin of psychotropic substances police check. Removed powder was sent for examination.

The suspect previously charged with Part 1 of Article 309 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – the illegal manufacture, production, acquisition, storage, transportation or transfer of narcotics, psychotropic substances or their analogues without intent to sell.

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