Medina reported to Putin about the success of the national cinema

Record proceeds from the rental of films of domestic production, said Vladimir Medinsky, the head of the Ministry of culture, the meeting with Vladimir Putin. The Minister also spoke in General terms, how the culture developed in Russia in recent years, however, special attention was paid to the film industry. According to Medina, proceeds from the rental of the Russian tapes must exceed the mark of 10 billion rubles.


Last year we managed to set a record for number of viewers, but also on collections in Russian cinema since 1991. In total, during nine months of the year, this record managed to beat. It is expected that this year the mark of 10 billion rubles will be overcome and the share of the spectators to finally be above 20%. All this happens in a very free market, not limited, in fact, nothing. I have always said that you would use in the Russian reality tested in Europe a system of hostprotection, “said Medina.

Also the head of the Ministry of culture said that the success of the revived “Soyuzmultfilm” already yielding fruit. Managed to solve the problems associated with the move to the new building, delays of salaries and other issues. Annually “Soyuzmultfilm” receives 200 million rubles from the state budget.

Medina also added that, in General, the “Soyuzmultfilm” needs over the next three years to 500 million rubles for the return of rights.

At least interested in the dispute between Danone and the brand name “Three from Buttermilk”. The Russian branch of the French company now has the right for free use images of the characters on milk cartons.