Medvedchuk about the release of Sentsov: He gets home

Медведчук об освобождении Сенцова: Он вернется домой

During the talks on exchange of prisoners, there are many difficulties, if the policies are reckless statements create around these negotiations, an unfavorable background. About this on air of the project “a Great interview with a great politician” on TV channel “112 Ukraine” said the leader of “Ukrainian choice” Viktor Medvedchuk.

“Returning to the question of negotiations regarding Sentsov: it’s hard to negotiate when you create this background, which is very difficult for something to say. Would say it’s just a politician of some sort, but it’s official (referring to the statement of Irina Gerashchenko regarding the release of Savchenko and Sentsov – ed.). But why give these assessments? After Sentsov’s sitting there, well, come, then he will tell. You need to expect that there are still people, and they must be also there to pull, maybe we should think about two steps ahead? No one to think,” he said.

To clarify the leading to return home Sentsov, Medvedchuk said: “of Course I’ll come”.

Медведчук об освобождении Сенцова: Он вернется домой

“Do you think that such a statement (statement Irina Gerashchenko that Savchenko not ask for pardon – ed.) when it is read between the towers in the offices as it is perceived? Probably with the urgent desire to release Sentsov? No,” he said.

He also noted that he does not understand experts, who predicted that Russian President Vladimir Putin will liberate Sentsov before meeting with the President of the United States Donald trump in Helsinki.

“You can imagine the level of these “experts”-the politicians – it’s not even the plinth is not even minus two meters, is the last century and the other the stratosphere: “Putin will have mercy on. to cater to the Trump.” And anything that Russia is five or seven years of struggling for the liberation of bout and Yaroshenko, who are in U.S. custody? Putin needs Sentsov? Maybe he and Trump need these?”, he added.

In addition, according to Medvedchuk, today negotiations for the release of the prisoner Oleg Sentsov not conducted because of the actions of the Commissioner for human rights Ludmila Denisova.

“I can say that I don’t know who today leads the negotiations on Sentsov me they were a few months ago. And there were different options that were discussed. What is happening today – I see that these negotiations are not conducted. What went wrong? Here it is better not to speak. There was a request of the President of Ukraine to conduct such negotiations – and I’ve had them. Last year and this. Now made the stop. Why? Because what started as a showdown between the authorized human rights – Denisova and Moskalkova. I don’t think is right is for Ms. Denisova. She’s not acting as Commissioner for human rights, and as a politician. Her actions are reckless…”, – said Medvedchuk.

“I want to say and talked about this many times publicly – any pressure on Russia and Russia’s leadership is counterproductive. And any good will not bring. Handling and demand through international organizations to the Russian Federation, unfortunately, is unlikely to have an effect. It is necessary to negotiate with Russia, it is necessary to offer someone in return, Ukraine who can liberate to liberate those whose freedom we desire, and those who are in conditions of detention in Russia”, – he concluded.

As reported, the mother of Oleg Sentsov received a letter from the presidential administration of the Russian Federation, which States that to pardon Sentsov should appeal to Putin with the request.

Note, sentenced by a Russian court to 20 years of imprisonment for allegedly planning terrorist attacks in annexed Crimea, the Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov went on hunger strike on 14 may this year. Its main requirement for the Russian authorities to release 64 Ukrainian political prisoners held in Russian prisons.

The full interview of Viktor Medvedchuk look at the 112 Ukraine at 21:30

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