Medvedchuk: I Have no relationship with Kolomoisky and Tymoshenko

Медведчук: У меня нет отношений с Коломойским и Тимошенко

The leader of “Ukrainian choice” Viktor Medvedchuk in the air of the project “a Great interview with a great politician” to “112 Ukraine” told about the relationship with businessman Igor Kolomoisky and leader of the “Fatherland” Yulia Tymoshenko.

According to him, he does not conduct any political negotiations, neither Kolomoisky nor Tymoshenko.

“There is no convergence, because Mr Kolomoisky had a conversation was the only time in 2014 when he was appointed head of the Dnipropetrovsk region. After that I contact with them do not support. And political especially. We have nothing to do politically was not, and can not be”, – he said.

“I don’t know what kind of relationship Kolomoisky and Tymoshenko. I have relations with Tymoshenko are not. Will he support her or not – I know that in an interview Kolomoisky, which was a few months ago, he said he will support Tymoshenko on a post of the President, if I’m not mistaken…he probably has grounds for it. To him God is the judge. I have political agreement with Kolomoisky. Why? This is our issue with Kolomoisky”, – he said.

Medvedchuk also commented on the scandal, which erupted around his wife, Oksana Marchenko after she agreed to participate in the project “Dances with stars” on TV channel “1+1”, owned by Igor Kolomoisky.

“About the scandal, I was against that project, in which she (Oksana Marchenko, ed.) will participate. First, channel-specific, I understood that could be something similar that happened. But, on the other hand, she for two years was offered the part. She made the decision herself, and I support it. Neither she nor I did not respond personally to these scandals. And comments is not allowed, and will not give. I said Oksana, you have a chance to demonstrate their abilities, and I believe in you. The best response to those who oppose, will your participation result. I believe not only in her but in her victory,” he said.

We will remind, earlier the media reported that Igor Kolomoisky and Yulia Tymoshenko are seen at the same hotel in Warsaw.

Note, the Ukrainian TV presenter Oksana Marchenko confirmed its participation in the show “Dancing with the stars.” This information she posted on his Facebook page, noting that he decided to participate, no matter what.

The “call type “dare” to take. But I owe it to all women who are scared and they are afraid to start something new,” explained itself Marchenko its participation, which sparked a lively discussion in the media and social networks.

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