Medvedchuk told about the negotiations to stabilize the situation in the Azov sea

Медведчук рассказал о переговорах по стабилизации ситуации в Азовском море

The leader of “Ukrainian choice” Viktor Medvedchuk in the show “Great interview with a great politician” on TV channel “112 Ukraine” reported on the negotiations to stabilize the situation in the Azov sea.

“I am familiar with this situation. Because the negotiations about the stabilization of the situation in the Azov sea are conducted. It is an internal sea of the two States. Is the Russian Federation and Ukraine. The principles and rules of these agreements, the inspection of ships holds can take place. If you remember the message of the border service, which sounded a few weeks ago and said, “Well, what? Russia has the right to check. She checks”. It is not the question. The question is that here it is necessary to recall the detention of such vessel under the name “Nord”, the situation with the release of sailors who are not in custody, but cannot leave the territory of Russia. Or remember such an incident that defies sober assessment. These sailors can leave Ukraine, but Ukrainian passports issued in Ukraine. And in Russia they say that they are citizens of Russia, they have to enter Russia on Russian passports. A very serious dispute,” he said.

“There is a debate, is the negotiation process. And while there is this process, I want to give a few numbers. Such ports of Ukraine as Berdyansk and Mariupol, from 2014 to 2018 lost in the turnover of 5 million tons, from 12 to 7 million tons If you think about it, then agree what should not be, and compromise is one thing. And to make a statement that many politicians do that, of course, to agree about it is impossible. And I think that you can negotiate to stabilize the situation in the Azov sea is also possible. And it is in the interests of Ukraine. The compromise is not to raise the stakes of control over the navigation and not to create a provocative factor in which one party acts with the purpose of revenge to the other side,” he added.

“Negotiations have been conducted. This could have been resolved a month ago, but not solved”, – he concluded.

We will remind, on March 25, 2018, the State border service of Ukraine detained in the Azov sea the vessel “Nord” under the flag of Russia, was in the annexed Crimea. On Board were 10 people. They all had passports of citizens of Russia, issued in Kerch. The ship has violated the procedure of exit from the occupied territory of Ukraine. He was escorted to Berdyansk. Later, the court arrested the ship.

6 APR Kherson city court took custody till may 31 the captain of the Kerch ship “Nord” Vladimir Gorbenko with the right to make 35 240 bail. Later, the lawyer said that for the sailor made bail.

Note that another Russian ship, “the Mechanic Pogodin” was blocked in the port of Kherson for three years.

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