Medvedchuk told about the strategic goals of the Opposition platform For life

Медведчук рассказал о стратегических целях Оппозиционной платформы — За життя

The Chairman of the political Council of the party “For life” Viktor Medvedchuk called strategic goals and challenges facing new opposition Union. A statement issued by the press service policy.

“Create “platform of the Opposition For life” is strategic and aimed at uniting political forces to protect the interests of the inhabitants of the South-East and the Russian-speaking population”, — says Medvedchuk.

The politician noted a number of points on which the new force will pay close attention to the fighting in the Donbass, the growth of tariffs, corruption, crime situation in Ukraine, poverty and social injustice.

He noted that the Association “the Opposition platform of Pro — life” stands for the cessation of hostilities in the Donbass, for the full implementation of the Minsk agreements and to restore peace in the country. The new political enterprises have a competitive program as radically change the economic course of the country, which led to the impoverishment of the citizens as to restore its territorial integrity and to unite all citizens of Ukraine, to ensure real decentralization of power with the aim of creating economically strong regions and effective local government. The implementation of these strategic objectives is a key condition for building a successful state.

Medvedchuk is convinced that the key to the development of Ukraine — to create a modern industrial economy: “We will do everything to Ukraine returned position among industrial and technologically developed countries. We favour a multi-vector economic policy. Ukraine needs to resume cooperation, to restore and develop trade with Russia and the CIS, given the unique geographical location and industrial potential, should become a bridge between West and East.”

The opposition Union will defend the rights of citizens, freedom of speech and religion. “Key tasks — cancellation of the actions of the current regime to strengthen the Church split. Inter-ethnic solidarity, the unity of the Ukrainian people in their cultural diversity that is necessary for Ukraine as a state that respects the rights of residents of all regions,” — emphasizes Medvedchuk.

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