Medvedchuk: Ukraine needs a national idea that can unite people

Медведчук: Украине необходима национальная идея, которая сможет объединить людей

Ukraine needs a national idea that can unite people and cause confrontations in the society. Such opinion on air of the project “a Great interview with a great politician” on TV channel “112 Ukraine” said the leader of “Ukrainian choice” Viktor Medvedchuk.

“What can bring people together? Now, if today continue to Express different points of view on those issues, which are constantly debating on our accession to the EU, NATO, peace in the Donbass, Russia. How to take lead to a common denominator? So this all needs to bring the brackets, probably, and search news in a completely different direction. And to find what unites us, in common,” he said.

“Despite the fact that we differ in matters of language, faith, history assessment, we need to find something in common, and it could serve as well, if not a national idea – I don’t want bombastic to talk about it, something that can unite people”, – he added.

Earlier, Medvedchuk told about what hinders the successful exchange of prisoners with ORDO, and the successful formula of the exchange of prisoners.

“My position, and in Minsk (the agreements – ed.) all in all. The Minsk agreement was a long time ago, but on March 29, 2018 head of the “Norman four” signed a Declaration concerning the optimization of strengthening the implementation of the Minsk agreements, where the last point was this: to continue the successful exchanges that took place 27 December 2017, carrying them on the principle all for all”, – he concluded.

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