Medvedchuk was elected Chairman of the political Council of the party For life

Медведчук избран председателем политсовета партии За життя

The leader of “Ukrainian choice” Viktor Medvedchuk was elected Chairman of the political Council of the party “For life”. About it reports a press-service of the public Association “the Ukrainian choice”.

As reported in the movement in Kiev has passed the first stage of an extraordinary Congress of the political party “For life”, convened by the head of the party of the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Vadim Rabinovich immediately following government initiatives under the new raising of tariffs for gas for the population.

“At the Congress of the party “For life” adopted organizational solutions. New members elected to the political Council, by unanimous vote at the Congress Chairman of the political Council elected Viktor Medvedchuk”, – reported in the “Ukrainian choice”.

Viktor Medvedchuk thanked the delegates for their trust and noted in his speech that the minimum 30-35% percent of Ukrainians share the values promoted by the party “For life”. “In the first place for them, peace in the Donbass and the cessation of hostilities, the situation connected with the development of economy and the pernicious influence of the reforms carried out by the integration, which led to the impoverishment of the citizens in the last 4 years”, ― said Medvedchuk, says the press service.

Also Victor Medvedchuk told the Congress delegates that the talks in recent months, are strategic in nature and aimed at uniting political forces to represent the interests of the South-East, the Russian-speaking population and people who understand the need for a fundamental change in the course of development of the country.


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