Medvedev revealed a political motive for the decision the IOC

The head of the Cabinet of Ministers Dmitry Medvedev said about the real link between the IOC decision related to disqualification of the Russian national team from the teams to the Olympics 2018 and the upcoming presidential election. According to the Prime Minister, the decision of the IOC is extremely political.


This decision there is one very important component and clear it all. This especially emerges in the current situation. The IOC decision was made on the eve of elections in Russia, elections of the President and its purpose is the creation of appropriate mood in society, “- said Medvedev, adding that the government will soon draft proposals related to support athletes who are not able to take in the Olympic games participation.

It is worth Recalling that the IOC announced the disqualification of the Russian national team from the Olympics-2018. All athletes inspected and listed as “clean” will be able to play the games, but only under the neutral Olympic flag.