Meeting with the founder of the Expo Entrepreneurs 2019

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For the second edition of the Expo of Entrepreneurs (EE19), Place Bonaventure has received thousands of budding entrepreneurs, experts and accompanying organisms.

Considerable space is divided into several areas to hold workshops, clinics, and conversations. A central scene, split in two, hosts two speakers at the time, coming to discuss various subjects.

Purse has met the founder, Nima Jalalvandi.

The young native of Notre-Dame-de-Grace knew from the start what would be his way. “Before you even know about entrepreneurship, I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur “, he told us of a great voice.

His colleagues describe him as ” committed “, a man who is motivated by his passion for entrepreneurship in quebec. After dropping out of university and experienced a failed business early, he wants to launch an event which brings to the other what he missed. Contacts, the support, knowledge and motivation.

“An entrepreneur, when it comes to the Expo, said that he is not alone to be crazy “.

The madness is waiting for you in this eclectic, between small containers colorful and large white domes, catering to all types of entrepreneurship. The management of growth, finance, export, all topics are addressed, discussed.

The founder of the Expo Entrepreneurs hopes that the participants are able to leave with a tangible contribution to their project, regardless of its stage of completion.

Similarly, Nima, it is a point of honour to include all of Quebec in the event. The 17 regions are represented.

“In Quebec, we have a collective wealth that should be compiled to allow the international reputation of our contractors “.

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Such an encounter, which sets in motion thousands of people around a theme of providential request of the organization.

In all, nearly 2 million dollars have been mobilised to converge all this beautiful world. But the event is free for entrepreneurs, it only asks participants to fill out a form of motivation.

For this, we made use of over 100 private partners, 150 non-profit organizations to put in place more than 165 conferences, workshops, and activities around entrepreneurship in quebec.

For the rest, Nima wants to develop Expo Entrepreneurs in Québec as a whole. Soon, we he says, he will host an event in Quebec city for escorts in entrepreneurship.

“Thousands of people wake up every morning wondering how they can help entrepreneurship. We want to do a gathering of these people “.

With Expo Contractors and Nima Jalalvandi, a new player in scope, emphasizes the entrepreneurship of Quebec.

An asset not to be overlooked if you want to start a business.

You can follow their activities on their web site.