Meghan Markle “slandered” like Diana in the past, denounces George Clooney

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Meghan Markle is “slandered and chased” by the tabloids, as was the case with princess Diana, has estimated the american actor George Clooney, a close friend of the duchess of Sussex and her husband prince Harry.

At a time when the press scrutinizes the every move of Mrs. Markle, pregnant, George Clooney has warned against a repeat of History.

“I have to say, they hound Meghan Markle everywhere,” said the actor to the magazine australian WHO in an interview in Los Angeles.

“Here is a woman seven months pregnant and she is being prosecuted and vilified, and chased, as was Diana, and History repeats itself “, he added. “We know how it ended. “

Pursued by photographers on motorbikes, the princess of Wales died on 31 August 1997 in a car accident in the Alma tunnel, in Paris.

The british press had initially welcomed the arrival of Meghan Markle in the royal family, marked by a wedding ceremony worthy of a fairy tale at Windsor castle, attended by George Clooney and his wife Amal.

The ex-actress was initially praised for is blowing a small breath of fresh air on an institution confit of traditions, but his methods are now challenged due to a series of resignations in the staff of the royal house, to the point that it has inherited the nickname of “duchess” capricious ” (Duchess Difficult).

The tabloids compete in addition to articles on the histories of the american family of the former actress. George Clooney is also mounted to the niche after the publication of a letter of Meghan Markle to his father.

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“I don’t have a word to say to what extent this is annoying, to see that we publish the letter of a daughter to a father,” he said. “It does him no gift, and I find this irresponsible. “