Meizu has released to the Russian market hybrid headset Flow

The representatives of the Chinese company Meizu announced the release of the new headset hybrid type on the market. Feature of this model is the presence of one of the dynamic emitter and the two emitters of the reinforcing type.


The basic equipment of this model the developers have added additional sets of nozzles: silicone steam, steam foam, and a pair of double-layer attachments. According to the manufacturer, the speaker enhances the low frequencies while listening to music, and reinforcing are responsible for increasing the quality of sound within the medium and high frequencies.

It should be noted that the assurance of the developers of this headset, each of the nozzles tends to take the form of an ear of any user, which will undoubtedly affect the quality of the overall sound. The working frequency of this model: 10 Hz – 30 KHz. The declared cost of the headset Flow on the market was of 6490 rubles.