Melanie Lemay candidate again in Brompton

Mélanie Lemay, co-founder of the Mouvement Québec against sexual violence, tries her luck for a second time in municipal politics. She will be the candidate of the Sherbrooke Renewal in the district of Brompton.

Mrs. Lemay took third place in the 2013 elections by collecting 257 votes, eight times less than outgoing councilor Nicole Bergeron. “It was not easy. The campaign largely focused on a proposal for a political reorganization that involved the merger of the borough of Brompton with that of Fleurimont, “she said.

“If I had had more experience, more time, and had not had to deal with the whole debate about” the abolition of Brompton, “I could have achieved a better result.

Since 2013, Mélanie Lemay has completed a multidisciplinary baccalaureate with a certificate in sociopolitical studies and has won several awards.

“I have more experience because of my implications. I have a greater maturity and people have been able to see who I am. They were able to see the various causes that I had, particularly those of sexual violence. For such a complex and personal cause, it demonstrates my ability to lead several issues head on. ”

Mélanie Lemay is not afraid of the repercussions of governance reform. “People have seen that there are benefits to reducing the number of elected officials by generating savings of $ 2.2 million. In Brompton, it has allowed the creation of a community center that has been waiting for more than 20 years. These are results of a more responsible management of the population portfolio. People who love Sherbrooke understand that we have all gone in the right direction and that it took political courage to deal with this situation. ”

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Its priorities will include the management of rivers and ditches. “There is a challenge in agriculture. An agricultural development plan is in the making. I would like to bring this case. I have a luggage at that level because I grew up on a farm. There is also the issue of active transportation and public transit. I’m interested in developing intelligent transportation. ”

Mélanie Lemay does not reside in Brompton yet. “It’s in my plans. It’s my dream to settle down in Brompton. ”

The leader of the party, Bernard Sévigny, emphasizes the addition of this candidate to his team. “His career is extremely interesting, extremely rich. We are making policy to try to change things. Melanie has demonstrated over the last four years that she wants to make a difference. It’s an asset to have a profile like that. ”

This is the eighth woman to apply for the Sherbrooke Renewal, which will feature more women than men.

Mélanie Lemay will face the independent Nicole Bergeron and the representative of Sherbrooke Citizen, Raymond Gaudreault.