MELOVIN to participate in the Eurovision song contest 2018 spent 2 million

На участие MELOVIN в  Евровидении 2018  потратили 2 миллиона гривен

MELOVIN for participation in “Eurovision 2018” spent 2 million
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MELOVIN after Eurovision in the edition of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in Ukraine”. Photo: Oscar Jansons

Full preparation and a trip of a Ukrainian performer for the song contest flew to the STB a lot of money.

Preparation rooms and a trip to Lisbon for the “Eurovision 2018” Ukrainian singer MELOVIN STB spent 2.3 million. This was announced by the creative producer of the national selection Natalia Franchuk.

She noted that it was about complete the preparation stage (arrangement of the song, scenografica, props, services Director and stylist, special effects, etc.), as well as the cost of flights and accommodation for the artist and his team in the contest period.

The training and visit Jamala in Stockholm in 2016, the TV station spent about 1.5 million.

Recall that in the final of “Eurovision 2018” Ukrainian singer ranked 17th, received 11 points from a national jury of participating countries (26) and 119 from viewers (7th place). He is considered one of the most underrated contestants. And Israel won.