Men die in the blizzard: a family is dreaming to prosecute

Quebec The family of Pierre Thibeault, one of two men who died in last week’s blizzard, is considering suing the Surete du Quebec and the Department of Transport for not having deployed the necessary resources to help Victims.
The vehicle in which Pierre Thibault, 42, and Mickael Fiset, 33, and two colleagues from Enterprise Gilmyr, was bogged down Tuesday night on the main street in Saint-Pierre-de-la-Riviere-du- Sud near Montmagny as they returned home after their shift. They were found dead the next day, one inside the vehicle, the other nearby.
The well-known lawyer, Marc Bellemarre, has accepted to examine this file which reveals, according to him, important flaws in the relief operation put in place by the authorities.
“We know that there was a distress call made at 23:23 and that there were two snowmobiles that tried to go to the scene. If it’s just that, it’s not enough. It’s pretty anemic, “says the lawyer.
“If you’re not able to help with two snowmobiles, you’re doing something else,” he says. We are nevertheless in a relatively accessible, populous region, not very far from Montmagny, on a public road maintained by the ministry. With the experience of winter and all the equipment available, we think they have not done enough. ”
The lawyer also accuses the authorities of leaving the families of the victims in the dark. “They want to know what happened. Governments must respond and give chronology of events. Quebeckers must have the right to be safe when an event like this happens. ”
Finally, Mr. Bellemare considers that a phone call from the Prime Minister, Minister Coiteux to Public Safety or Transport Minister Laurent Lessard would have been, at the very least, a gesture of civility appreciated. “No one called to tell them that he was saddened and appalled by the situation. It seems to me that would have been the best thing to do. They’re still waiting for the call. ”

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