Mental health: “I would have liked to go seek help before” – Véronique Bannon

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Véronique Bannon is assigned Wednesday at Bianca Longpré on his suicide attempt and the difficulties, for a mother, to live with mental health problems.

“I don’t speak, because often it is connected to shame. We are afraid of judgement, has told the actress, to issue ordinary Mother on QUB radio. It’s been several months that, in my head, there was something that was in the air. My son was 2 years old, I said to myself: “He will not remember me if I decide to leave.””

“Unfortunately, I was not going to seek help before, she regretted it. I really think that by talking to me, it was to leave. I told myself that it was a pass.”

“It is, of course, I’m sorry, I would have liked to go to seek help before. When there are people around you who are so in denial, you say to yourself, “yeah, well, this is me. I’m going to talk to me”.”

“For a year, I was talking about and it never walked. I said to myself: “I’ll go, it’ll be better for everyone. The world will no longer have me to endure, to endure my attacks.” In my head, I could see a service to people.”

Listen to the full interview of Véronique Bannon to issue ordinary Mother:


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Line québécoise de prévention du suicide

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  • 1 800 668-6868


  • 1 800 263-2266
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