Mercenaries from Russia trying to “nationalize” the property of civilians in the Donbas – NSDC

"nationalization" of property
“nationalization” of property

Russian mercenaries in the Donbas moved from pillage and plunder attempts to seize civilians in real estate. This briefing the National Security Council spokesman Andrei Lysenko, reports “Ukrainian Truth”.
“In particular, the terrorists spread among the townspeople information beginning from 11 September nationalization of property of residents who went beyond the Luhansk region. Identify abandoned apartments and homes will be specifically defined group through personal detour,” – he said.
According to him, the following reflecting attempts of militants to return to Lugansk as many residents in order to continue to force them into the ranks of the terrorist organization “FSC”, forced to perform community service, and give the appearance of “cultivate peace” in the region’s corresponding to the center of propaganda “pictures” involved in the Russian media.

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