Mexico has created a tracking system of “fake” news

В Мексике создали систему отслеживания "фейковых" новостей

More than 60 media and civil society organizations in Mexico has created a special network to track “fake” news during the election process. About it RIA Novosti reported the press Secretary of the organization “Mexicans against corruption and impunity” (MCCI) Georgina Aldan.

“The network called #Verificado 2018, it was created to counter the phenomenon of false, inaccurate and malicious news to verify the information which walks on the Internet and social networks, to install, is that true or not,” said Aldan.

The hash tag #Verificado 2018 is already running Twitter. With his help, managed to identify some “fake” materials, in particular, about the alleged statement of the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro on support of the candidate of the left forces in elections in Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

His work MCCI hooked and a big social network like Facebook. According to Aldana, Facebook will specifically notify MCCI regarding the most socially significant materials of election campaign that can get great response for their inspection. Also this initiative was supported by such organizations as Google News Lab, Open Society, Oxfam and the network of Twitter.