MFA recommends Ukrainians not to go to Zimbabwe’s capital in connection with the cholera

МИД рекомендует украинцам не ехать в столицу Зимбабве в связи с холерой

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine recommends Ukrainians not to go to Zimbabwe’s capital in connection with cases of cholera. This is stated in the press service of the Ministry.

“In connection with the registration of cases of cholera in the Republic of Zimbabwe, including in the capital, Harare, Ministry of foreign Affairs recommends citizens of Ukraine who are planning their trip to Zimbabwe, to refrain from visiting the capital of the country until the normalization of the epidemiological situation”, – stated in the message.

The Ukrainians, who are already in Zimbabwe, the foreign Ministry recommends to take special care to follow the recommendations of local authorities, health and other relevant services, and to follow the latest news.

For efficiency in communications, the Ministry advises to use the developed by the Ministry of foreign Affairs Appendix “OTHER” (Voluntary registration of Ukrainian citizens for travel abroad

As reported in Zimbabwe because of the cholera outbreak, 10 people were killed, another 300 were hospitalized.

It is noted that the city government of Harare tried to put the water in a few neighborhoods within ten years, forcing residents to rely on water from open public wells.

In 2008, Zimbabwe experienced the largest outbreak of cholera in the midst of an economic crisis that killed more than 4 thousand people, and another 40 thousand got sick.

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