MIA allowed the guards to detain suspects in cases of NABOO without a court order

МВД разрешило пограничникам задерживать подозреваемых по делам НАБУ без решения суда

The Ministry of the interior allowed the state border service officers without a court order to detain suspects on National anti-corruption Bureau (NAB). This is stated in the order of the interior Ministry on may 10, registered by Ministry of justice on July 18, transfer “Ukrainian news”.

It is noted that the order of MVS according to a new order of actions of border guards during the detention without trial of suspects in crimes.

The document allows representatives of the state border service without a court order to detain the suspect in committing a grave or especially grave corruption offences, the defendant is NABOO, if there are “reasonable grounds to believe that a possible escape for the purpose of evasion from criminal liability.”

In addition, the court’s decision will not need to detain the suspect in the offence which entails the deprivation of liberty, provided that the person caught during the Commission of a crime or attempted, and if after the crime, the eyewitness, including the victim, or a set of obvious signs on the body, clothes or the scene point to the fact that this man just committed a crime.

The guards will conduct a search of detainees without a court order in a separate room in the presence of at least two witnesses of the same sex as the detainee and. Forbidden search, degrading.

After the detainee was taken out of the premises where a search was conducted, it is thoroughly checked for the presence of substances (objects, documents), which was not before the beginning of the search.

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