MIA continues to search for persons involved in the May events in Odessa

may events in Odessa
may events in Odessa

Police continue to actively search measures used to determine the location and arrest of several persons in respect of whom there is a suspicion of involvement in crimes committed in Odessa during the riots on May 2. The press service of the Interior Ministry announced on 13 August.
In particular, it is reported that the investigation has vidpratsyuvan 54 people and this number 48th declared citizens suspected of committing a crime.
“However, due to pressure on local courts, only 13 persons 54 were arrested. Court chose other citizens as a preventive measure of house arrest, after which some of them disappeared and was declared wanted,” – said Deputy Interior Minister – Head of Investigation Department Vitaly Matrix.
He recalled that during the events that took place May 2 in Odessa, killed 48 people and injured about 250 people. For participation in riots police subsequently arrested 114 people, most of whom are representatives of the pro-Russian-minded locals. However, due to storm the building of the Odessa gorupravleniya Interior over 60 detained offenders were released without a preventive measure.
In particular, the police announced a search for some set them as active participants and organizers of the riots.
Among wanted – Vitaly Bud’ko (“Boatswain”) Davidchenko Artem and Oleg Shabalin. In addition, the investigation are Igor Vinenko, Andrew Cook, Eugene Shparak Stanislav Cult, Alex Fominov and still others.
Recall expedite investigation into the riots in Odessa May 2 required the Attorney General Vitaly Yarema.

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