Michaëlle Jean wants to be more transparent

Michaëlle Jean souhaite être plus transparente

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After that many of its expenditures have raised controversy in recent months, Michaëlle Jean wants his organization to be more transparent.

Changes will be proposed in this regard to States and governments members of the international Organization of the Francophonie (OIF).

Mrs. Jean, secretary general of the OIF, has revealed his intention during a passage of the canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau at the organization’s headquarters, yesterday, in Paris.

“Michaëlle Jean announced that a code of transparency will soon be offered to the Member and the member governments of the Francophonie,” said a statement issued after the meeting with Mr. Trudeau.

The OIF has not responded to interview requests on this subject.

The Canada and Quebec have already called for more transparency to the OIF, which they fund the operations, with the remaining 82 member States and governments members and observers.

In march, the québec minister of international Relations and Francophonie, Christine St-Pierre, has said that these changes were necessary because of the reports of our Bureau of investigation about the management of the OIF and of the expenses of Mrs. Jean.

Many expenses

A spokesman for Ms. St-Pierre said yesterday that Quebec has not yet received the text of the code, to be proposed by Ms. Jean.

“We welcomed the announcement, but we will take the time to analyze the proposal or proposals “, said Ann-Clara Vaillancourt.

Last month, Ms. St-Pierre said that the OIF should shed light on a sea voyage, organised by one hundred French-speaking young people to board a ship with three masts.

A spokesman for the IOF said that the expenses related to the trip, which could amount to $ 1 million, will be made available only behind closed doors, the representatives of the member nations and governments.

Spending a half-million dollars to arrange the apartment according to Ms. Jean, have also aroused controversy, in June.

Support of Trudeau

More recently, our Bureau of investigation revealed that the husband of Mrs. Jean has personally benefited from the services of a driver of the OIF.

The OIF has claimed that Mr. Trudeau supported the renewal of the mandate of Ms. Jean, the next fall, and that it “has also invited the other member countries” to do the same. According to Ms. Jean, ” Canada’s support is very important.”