Michel Juneau-Katsuya does condone not to have said that “some animators have blood on their hands”

Michel Juneau-Katsuya ne s’excusera pas d’avoir dit que «certains animateurs ont du sang sur les mains»

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A year after the slaughter that occurred in the great mosque of Quebec, Michel Juneau-Katsuya persist and sign. He has no intention of apologizing for having said that “some radio hosts from Quebec have blood on their hands”.

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At least that is what he has declared in interview to The Gendron Commission on the waves of Energy 98,9 Monday, on the sidelines of the representations on the penalty to Alexandre Bissonnette.

The host Stéphane Gendron was the first to throw a stone into the pond, claiming that the “speech very highly toxic” to some coaches “still persists”.

His interlocutor, the ex-part of the secret service canada (CSIS), went a step further by stating that the owners of radio stations have their share of blame.

“There are still all these radios bins with these mixers, which are on the mic, and that is the problem which we are facing, is that at the present time, there is this irresponsibility that exists on the part of the owners that engage intentionally, at wholesale price, individuals who, really, déconnent on the line, which will twister of the facts, which will be démagos from the beginning to the end just for the ratings. It has nothing to do with trying to make society move forward, try to advance the human being, to understand a little more what you are really facing. No! No! All they want is strictly to sow insecurity and weak human beings like this individual (Alexandre Bissonnette), and of course, there will be more”, he first pleaded.

Mr. Juneau-Katsuya pointed out, using statistics, that the calls from Québec to the center on the prevention of radicalisation increased after the killing and that “90 percent” of those calls involved “the extreme right”.

“To somewhere, you can’t tell me that these guys (radio hosts) who have made a semblance of a mea culpa and a semblance of “caution us” for maybe three hours in the day for the next day, they have really made a decision of conscience. On the contrary! We had recently an article in a newspaper which reported precisely what some of these leaders, by the press council, have been disallowed and have been reprimanded,” he protested.

Subsequently, the ex-CSIS officer pointed to all levels of government, the finger for their “lack of spine”.

“The canadian criminal Code has articles of the code which affect specifically the incitement to violence. We need now to really get the prosecutors that run against these individuals and lead to people being and bringing people to trial. It must also have a CRTC or a quebec council of the press, which must have teeth. When you say stupid things, and it is the average of a bullshit day at least by the facilitator, so you glue a fine of perhaps $ 30,000 to be said about the words that are absolutely unacceptable, ben, when they will begin to collect these 30 000 dollars, they will may be understand because this is the only sensitivity they have. It is a sensitivity to monetary. They do it because it pays, not because it is good for the public, not because they engage in a intelligent debate, not because they ship the people to better thinking and better understand the real issues that have been facing. They are there strictly to make the disorder and this disorder, it pays to unfortunately,” he said.

Recalling that having a mic is a privilege, Mr. Juneau-Katsuya has also affirmed that the facilitators should have “a concept of responsibility and social conscience”.

“Unfortunately, these are people who still have a lot of listening because they stimulate emotions and sometimes, they speak with a language enough to be carried as it attracts people. Fortunately, there still remains much good facilitators and good radios Quebec for a counterweight. But this counterweight, it must be supported by a political will to really curb these things. The rhetoric that we have heard from Mr. Labeaume, Mr. Couillard, Mr. Trudeau, in the wake of the killing was fantastic. They said what they had to say, but unfortunately, the lips were not followed by actions”, he lamented.

In closing, Mr. Juneau-Katsuya has reiterated that the author of the shooting at the mosque of Quebec has necessarily been influenced by the media in general”.