Michel Mpambara launches an arrow to the Xavier Dolan on Facebook

Michel Mpambara lance une flèche à Xavier Dolan sur Facebook

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Michel Mpambara turned to social networks to denounce a situation that he considers unacceptable: the lack of cultural diversity in the film by quebec director Xavier Dolan.

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In a publication on Facebook, the comedian of origin burundi has reported a conversation with Dolan, he was questioned about the lack of people of color in his films. The response of the director was likely to be resented by Mpambara.

“We have [asked the] director/producer Xavier Dolan for what reason [one sees] in […] his films yet so colorful […] no person of color. He said that he is not so racist that he doesn’t see color. Says “I choose my actors according to their talent.” Therefore, for X. Dolan […] the other colors don’t exist, since he sees only the Whites; in addition, it insinuates that people of color do not have enough talent to be a part of his works,”-he wrote on Tuesday, 13 march.


The comedian denounces the systemic racism in cinema, a situation repeatedly criticised by our neighbours to the South.

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The publication has elicited several reactions. Some agree with Michel Mpambara, while others believe that the director is just poorly expressed.

The issue of diversity is, without a doubt, a topic that has not finished a discussion, in Québec, as elsewhere in the world.