Mikhail Boyarsky publicly humiliated Buzova

Olga Buzova on the national scene has become something of an object for the permanent reproaches and ridicule from not only friends in the shop, but much more senior colleagues. Another respected person that had spoken against her, became “the main musketeer” of Russia Mikhail Boyarsky. From the stage of the concert hall “Rodina” he is rather tartly “walked” on her fans and the Olga.


As you know, in the concert hall took place the ceremony of the first music award television and cinema “Aurora”. Its main aim is to promote music in films and programs, as well as raising it to a qualitatively new level.
Working in film and other areas of the visual arts in Russia, the composers to the present day own rewards, has not had and could claim only on the secondary prizes.

The public should cultivate a taste for good music, and today, alas, no. Sometimes I would just turn on the TV and not going to the movies, because for the programmes and films he writes the music who do not understand and where. In addition, the music should show the key idea of the film and the plot component. Domestic creators of the film, however, have a completely different opinion and seem to have lost their taste, “said the President of the prize, the composer Maxim Dunayevsky.

Agreement was expressed by the special guest of the award, Mikhail Boyarsky. He was called to the scene, and he turned with a rather fiery speech.

For me the same story of the Musketeers is simply unimaginable without music that there is. But works of this level no longer write. The music gone, she’s gone, leaving only the soundtrack. For those who listen to them, not the beautiful, great melodies, apparently, and sings Olga Buzova, “said Boyarsky.