The militants used heavy artillery in the Luhansk region, injuring three residents

Destroyed a house in Stari Aydar.
In Stanychno Luhansk region heavy artillery militants destroyed a house, injuring three people. Reported chairman Luhansk Regional State Administration Moskal on your website.

“Fire in the Donbas terrorist aggression tends to increase. 16 December Stanychno Luhansk region after the break again terrorists used heavy artillery. A direct hit several shells destroyed a house in Stari Aydar. Unfortunately, there were victims among civilians – Three people were injured, “- said Moskal.

In addition, during the day and continued shelling of the village of Lugansk. According to Luhansk Regional State Administration after 9 o’clock in the morning district state administration fired grenade launcher. The grenade exploded 10 meters from the building, damaging several windows and doors. After an hour on the RSA fired from a sniper rifle. One of the bullets hit the car with passengers (including a small child). One bullet hit the window District Library, located in the Palace of Culture.

Recall the day to power units ATO terrorists carried out 26 attacks. The militants used guns, mortars, grenades and small arms.

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