As military commissar of Ternopil visited the area ATO

337-300x218Acting Regional Military Commissioner provis 40 days in the area ATO.

Vladimir Katyn in May wrote the first report as a volunteer who wants to serve the zone ATO. Overall, there were three reports ttakyh.

In the area of ​​ATO was chief of staff of missile troops and artillery had just returned home. Says – ensuring no problems, because men can not worry that anything will defend their homeland.

“Providing logistical thanks to the volunteers – I do not know what the problem with small arms is no problem, and as technology that fails, it’s artillery, tanks, they be repaired in the course of hostilities” – says her credentials to acting . regional military commissioner Vladimir Katyn.

Although, admits arming the enemy better. “The terrorists primarily weapons 2000s even saw release in 2014. And our small arms allows you to fight, but still needs modernization “- said Vladimir Katyn.

And our question of whether the militants had to communicate with smile says, “I talked to them only when urazhav” and ddodaye that tomorrow ready to go back to the zone ATO.

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