Milon asked Poltavchenko not to let athletes at the Olympics 2018

Vitaly Milonov, Deputy of the state Duma from “United Russia”, asked the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko not to let urban athletes to the Olympics in 2018. It calls on Poltavchenko to follow the example of Ramzan Kadyrov, banning athletes of Chechnya to compete under a neutral flag.


Milon noticed over Russia and its national team using the “disgusting excuses” unleashed “the present judgment”. He stood up for the pride of the country and St. Petersburg. The Deputy called the Petersburg forge athletes are pros. In a letter to the Governor Milonov wrote that the city gave to the world athletes of world level.

Earlier in Facebook Milonov has opposed the Olympics in 2018, calling them “Olympics war”. The exception flag of the Russian Federation from the tournament he thought “the end of the Olympic idea in the world.”

The IOC has banned the national team of Russia to participate in the Olympics in 2018 under the national flag. Athletes who are not suspected of doping, will be able to compete under a neutral banner in the status of Olympic Athlete from Russia, athletes from Russia.