Minimum wage: Kathleen Wynne criticizes Tim Hortons

Photo: Chris Young The canadian Press
The premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, urges Tim Hortons to take to her rather than to the employees.

Toronto — The premier of Ontario accuses the children of the co-founders of Tim Hortons to intimidate employees in ontario of the chain restaurants in reducing their benefits in the face of the increase in the minimum wage in the province.


Jeri Horton-Joyce and Ron Joyce Jr. have written a letter to the employees of two Tim Hortons restaurants in Cobourg, Ontario, stating that those who wish to still benefit from the dental plan and other health benefits should pay themselves a portion of the costs of the program. In addition, employees will not be paid breaks, adds the letter written in December 2017.


Premier Kathleen Wynne was asked Thursday to the owners of it rather than penalizing their employees for a policy that has been adopted by its government.


Compliance with the law


While the changes announced in the letter do not violate the Law on the employment standards of Ontario, Ms. Wynne urges owners to back down.


The cuts in benefits and compensation in these two restaurants, which came into force on 1 January, following the rise of minimum wage in Ontario, which has grown 11.60 $ to 14 $ per hour at the beginning of the year. The owners have also written that the changes had been decided in anticipation of another increase of a dollar of the minimum wage at the beginning of 2019.


“We apologize for these changes,” says the letter, relayed on social media. The two leaders added that they could restore some or all of the benefits withdrawn when they have a more accurate picture of future costs associated with the decision of the government of Ontario.


A spokesperson for Tim Hortons declined to comment on the letter, but stated that the franchisees were responsible for managing their employees, while respecting the laws and the rules and regulations.