Ministry of education: In higher education on a budget credited about 60 thousand students

Минобразования: В вузы на бюджет зачислены около 60 тыс. абитуриентов

Currently, about half of the planned number of students enrolled in higher education on a budget. About it reported in a press-service of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine.

“This year the volume of public procurement in the institutions related to the management of the Ministry of education for training workers in occupations of national importance is 7888. Of them are already enrolled 3275 students, representing 42% of the projected volume. Projected regional order this year is more than 110 thousand students. Of them are already enrolled 59867 students, which is 52% of the projected amount,” – said in the message.

It is noted that the top 5 regions that enrolled the largest number of applicants to the study by the regional order entered: Lviv (4863 students), Odessa (4134 students), Kharkiv (3816 students), Vinnytsia (3506 students) and Dnipropetrovsk (3464 students) region.

At the same time, leaders in gaining admission to universities by the state order came in Dnepropetrovsk (380 students), Lviv (312 students), Poltava (301 student) region.The education Ministry added that the final results of the opening campaign will be published in September.

Recall, for admission to institutions of higher education to obtain the educational degrees of the bachelor in 2018 have submitted 146 85 thousand students. According to the results of external independent assessment of 222 participants were able to get the maximum score for the test.

In April, the Ministry of education announced the number of budget places in universities in 2018 – 191,1 thousand.

The lists of candidates to the budget places in universities were made public on 2 August. To 6 August inclusive accepted the documents for admission. Then started the translation for vacancies budget. It needs to be completed by August 18.

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