Ministry of health: School uniform should be made of natural fabrics

Минздрав: Школьная форма должна быть из натуральных тканей

The Ministry of health of Ukraine told how to choose a school uniform. The tips published on the website of the Department.

The Ministry of health recommends that when choosing school uniforms to pay attention to the quality, convenience and safety. School uniform should not restrict the movement of the child, and must have a conclusion of the state sanitary-epidemiological examination that the product is safe. A copy of the opinion must be from the seller.

When buying school uniforms need to pay attention to the information on the label about the manufacturer and the composition of the tissue.

“Choose the school, with a maximum content of natural fibers”, – stated in the message.

For pupils of primary and secondary school uniform should be completely made of natural or mixed fabrics. The minimum content of natural fiber – 50%. Also underwear of first-graders must be made entirely of natural fabrics.

For high school students can buy the form of natural or artificial and mixed fabrics. Underwear high school students should be made of natural or mixed fabrics, natural fiber not less than 50%.

Минздрав: Школьная форма должна быть из натуральных тканей

At the same time acting Minister of health Suprun on his page on Facebook has reminded that in Ukraine the decision of wearing school uniforms takes the leadership of the school with their parents.

“In Ukraine, the introduction of form are governed by the Charter and internal regulations of the school. Parents can also participate in solving this issue,” she wrote.

Suprun added that the attitude of the school uniform is ambiguous. Supporters of school uniforms believe that it is an important attribute of the educational process, increases the productivity of learning and disciplinary children. At the same time, there are studies that showed no difference in the quality of education, regardless of whether they form. However, its presence can adversely affect the creativity of children and to be a financial burden to my family.

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