Molson Coors: the two parties are confident that in spite of a strike mandate

Photo: Paul Chiasson, The canadian Press
In addition to the 175-union affected by the strike mandate, about 700 employees, facilities montreal-based company has also initiated negotiations for the renewal of their collective agreement.

A group of 175 unionized Molson Coors has decided to establish a strike mandate so that negotiations with their employer continues in order to renew their employment contract expired on 31 December.


Represented by the Teamsters, these merchandisers, sales representatives and employees in the service of telesales voted 98.5 % for this option on the 16th December last, after having rejected the first offer of the company, said Tuesday a spokesman for the union, and Stéphane Lacroix.


If both parties say they hope to avoid a work conflict, Mr. Lacroix explained that the workers wanted to have all the options available to them. “If we come to the table of negotiations and that there is a blockage, we have an exit door because the members have given us a strong mandate, he said during a phone interview. It is assumed that the employer is going to be open. “


Meetings between the employer and the union representatives are planned over the next few weeks. A strike does not figure in the plans of the union’s members for the time being, assured the spokesman of the Teamsters. Saying they wanted to “give a chance to negotiations,” Mr. Lacroix is not entered into the details of the offer, employer, indicating, however, that the discussions achoppaient in particular on the question of wages.


The director of corporate affairs (Quebec & Atlantic) at Molson Coors, Francis Lefebvre, has not commented on the vote on the strike mandate, but pointed out that in spite of the rejection of the initial offer of the employer, the discussions are ” going well “.


Another negotiation


At the same time, the Teamsters are continuing their discussions with Molson Coors to renew the collective agreement of the 700 employees of the facilities montreal-based company, which is also expired on the 31 December. Mr. Lacroix clarified that discussions had already taken place this fall and that they were progressing ” normally “. “Several normative clauses have already been resolved, he said, without providing more details. We are going to focus on the wage provisions, and the pension plans over the course of the next few months. “


At the end of the month of November, the brewer had confirmed the choice from Longueuil to build its future complex beer, that could be a $ 500 investment. Molson Coors had already decided during the summer to the possibility of modernizing its installations in montreal’s Notre-Dame street, part of which is open since 1786.


If he welcomed the move to Longueuil, the union has already expressed concerns about the main purpose of the next brewery. According to the Teamsters, over the past six years, Molson Coors has begun a shift towards more pronounced towards the production of cans, to the detriment of the beer in the bottle, which resulted in the loss of over 100 posts.