Monica Bellucci, Mistress of Ceremony at the Cannes Film Festival

Italian actress Monica Bellucci will be the centerpiece of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 70 th Cannes Film Festival (May 17 to 28), a position she already occupied in 2003.
Monica Bellucci, 52, will succeed French comedian and comedian Laurent Lafitte, who was in charge of the 69 th ceremony last year, after Lambert Wilson, twice in a row, and Audrey Tautou.
The jury of the 70 th Cannes Film Festival will be chaired by Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar.
“Monica Bellucci has a long history of friendship with the Cannes Film Festival: in 2000, she first climbed the stairs to present Suspicion by Stephen Hopkins (…) She returned two years later with the sulphurous Irreversible De Gaspar Noé, which shocks the festival-goers and fascinates the Croisette through a memorable controversy, “recalls Canal +, a co-producer and exclusive broadcaster of the Cannes Film Festival ceremonies.
Monica Bellucci was a member of the jury in 2006 under the presidency of Wong Kar-wai. In the following years, the Italian actress returned to Cannes in selection with the film of Marco Tullio Giordana, An Italian history , and Do not turn of Marina of Van. In 2014, she appeared on the Croisette Les Merveilles by the Italian Alice Rohrwacher who won the Grand Jury Prize.
“At ease in all genres, Monica Bellucci’s film career, which excels from comedy to drama, reflects eclectic and daring artistic choices. She has toured for prestigious filmmakers including Bertrand Blier, Danièle Thompson, Francis Ford Coppola, Terry Gilliam, Mel Gibson, Sam Mendes and Spike Lee.
Recently the cast of season 3 of Twin Peaks of David Lynch, Monica Bellucci is also showing the latest feature from Emir Kusturica On the Milky Road , will be released in France on 12 July.

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