Monitors up to 19 inches and one and a half hours on homework: Draft of sanitary regulations for schools issued for discussion

Мониторы до 19 дюймов и полтора часа на домашку: Проект санитарных норм для школ опубликовали для обсуждения

The project of the new sanitary norms for schools involves the use of computers, the creation of play areas with chairs or pillows for younger students and up to 1.5 hours on homework. The document published in the press-service of the Ministry of health of Ukraine.

Recommend to reduce the time for homework: students first and second class do they not ask, in grades 3-9 should take up to 1 hour, and in grades 10-12, up to 1.5 hours.

It is no longer necessary to set the desks in three rows at regular intervals. Under the proposed project, the furniture can be moved for teamwork. In addition, for younger students it is recommended to equip places for rest and play with chairs or pillows.

The project involves the use of computers, interactive whiteboards, multimedia technologies. So, it is better to have a cable Internet connection and wireless routers should be on the ceiling. When using the interactive whiteboard need to not fall to direct sunlight.

In the computer lab must be individual jobs, the total area of 4.5 square meters. The monitor should be LCD with a diagonal of from 15 to 19 inch, keyboard, and mouse separate to about PC can comfortably accommodate. Do not use the monitors based on cathode ray tubes. A computer can run only one student, regardless of age.

While using technical means to rotate the activities for the lesson no more than 10 minutes for first-graders, up to 15 minutes for pupils of 2-4 classes, up to 20 minutes for students in grades 5-7, and 25 minutes for students in grades 8-9 up to half an hour for pupils of the 10-11(12) classes. When double lessons for high school students no more than 25-30 minutes during the first lesson and up to 15-20 during the second year.

To use the tools of virtual reality can be no more than 15 minutes during a lesson and no more than 10% during the week.

After studying with this technique it is necessary to conduct physical activities and training and exercises for the eyes, and at the end of the lesson – exercise to prevent General fatigue.

The proposed new rules on the menu: it should include at least four dishes, and the calorie content of the lunch should be 30% of the daily energy needs. Indicated the maximum allowable amount of sugar and salt for different dishes. It is possible to arrange catering.

It is noted that comments and suggestions will be accepted until September 28 at the address: 01601, Kyiv, vul. Grushevskogo, 7, or

We will remind, recently the Ministry of health criticized the conduct of a school ruler on 1 September.

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