Mont called the top 10 professions with the highest qualifying score in 2018

В МОН назвали топ-10 специальностей с самым высоким проходным баллом в 2018 году

The Ministry of education and science of Ukraine has published the list of passing scores on the specialty of 2018. About it reports a press-service of the Ministry.

The report said about the entry through the wide competition for the bachelor’s degree (master in medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary direction).

So, in the top 10 professions with the highest qualifying score hit, “Dentistry”, “International law,” International relations, “International economic relations”, “Journalism”, “Politics”, “Management of sociocultural activities”, “History and archaeology”.

Also in this list a number of specializations in Philology – Chinese, Swedish, Japanese and other languages. In the mentioned professions need to recruit more than 185 points.

So, the list of top 10 specialties according to the admission score looks like this:

  • Dentistry – 193,494 (MOH) and 188,552 (MES);
  • International law – 193,35;
  • International relations, public communication and regional studies – 192,066;
  • Management of sociocultural activities (mon) – 188,598;
  • International economic relations – 186,711;
  • Journalism (mon) – 186,252;
  • Political science – 186,05;
  • History and archaeology – 184,55;
  • Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy (MOH) – 184,391;
  • Cultural studies (MES) – 184,288

“Last year the biggest passing score was for “Dentistry” – almost 197. The leaders were also a number of international specialties, “pharmacy”, “Politics” separate specialization “Philology”. However, I want to emphasize that this year in the top-10 specialties included “Journalism”, which was cancelled creative competition”, – said General Director of the Directorate of higher education and adult education MES Oleg Sharov.

We remind that on August 1, almost 59 thousand applicants for a bachelor’s degree (master in medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary direction) received recommendations for admission on a budget. To place the state or regional order, they need to meet the requirements for admission to 18 hours on 6 August.

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