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  • Sunday, 13 August, 2017 06:00

    Sunday, 13 August, 2017 06:00

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    There are two and a half years, the producer Nicolas Lemieux, the label GSI Musique, had an idea, rather ambitious : to ask five veteran filmmakers to compose each 15 minutes of music inspired by the seasons of Montreal. Alex McMahon (spring), DJ Champion (in the summer), Marc Perusse (the fall), Éloi Painchaud (winter), and James Di Salvio (season imaginary) have accepted the challenge.

    At the end of the wire, Nicolas Lemieux acknowledges without hesitation. The project of the album 5 X 15 was ” a little crazy “. “People told me it did not make sense when I spoke to them of my idea. It was not obvious to express at the outset. “

    This is the approach of the 375th anniversary of Montréal Nicolas Lemieux wanted to mark the occasion with an album concept. It was while working on the show with the Montreal Symphony he has had the idea of the five seasons. “I wanted to do something off the beaten path, a project is broken out and different from what we usually see on a disc. “

    It is also in the aim of highlighting the work of five craftsmen, often working in the shadow that the producer has approached the producers. “I really looked for female directors, but I’ve not found any “, says he.

    A few conditions

    The five directors chosen, he has imposed a few conditions. First, the musical work of each developer was supposed to last 15 minutes exactly, not a second more or less. Then, the general theme was to talk about Montreal, its side open and multicultural. Each director should also have a guest artist known.

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    Alex McMahon has made the call to Yann Perreau and Radio Radio. DJ Champion has worked with M-Mo, Face-T and ILAM. Marc Pérusse has collaborated with Daniel Lavoie, Alexandre Désilets, and Andréanne Alain. Éloi Painchaud asked Antoine Gratton, Frédéric Demers and Jorane of the support. Finally, James Di Salvio contacted Billy Eff Williams, Jenny Salgado and Diane Dufresne for his portion.

    With this project, 5 X 15, Nicolas Lemieux hoped to submit, within two years, a unique concert bringing together the five directors. “I’d like to do in a festival “, he says.

    ♦ The album 5 X 15, with Alex McMahon, DJ Champion, Marc Perusse, Éloi Painchaud and James Di Salvio, currently on the market. The booklet of the disc also includes short poems signed David Goudreault, Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, Michel Tremblay, Kim Thúy and Dany Laferrière.

    What they said

    Alex McMahon : ” It was a super nice project, but also very scary. I had to express myself on the spring. This season is, for me, the most insane in Montreal. Montrealers go crazy. The terraces open up, the miniskirts come out. This is really where the Montreal expresses itself the most. As a guest voice, Yann Perreau and Radio Radio came to singing and declaiming of poetry. There’s also my little boy in his spring who declaims poetry when the ice thaws. It is a really good challenge which I am proud. “

    Marc Pérusse : ” I approached the project as simply as possible. I tried to keep the subjects close to me, my fall 2016. The first song, which is a snapshot of the way to school that I walk every morning with my daughter Chloe on the Plateau-Mont-Royal, an overview fictive du Mont-Royal and its autumn colours, by way of a drift between the metro stations and wait for a woman that will no longer happen. […] It is autumn in Montreal seen from the inside. “

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    Éloi Painchaud : ” I have approached the project very spontaneous. The mere presence of employees such as Antoine Gratton and Jorane, who co-directed adventure of the room Winter-a Nation, ensured a solid starting point. […] Montreal has a groove; the number of festivities cultural is mind-boggling. The music is a space to play extraordinary and a language that is hyper-gatherer to express themselves here. This is the beginning of a curiosity of a quarter to the other, the opening on such and such a community. Montreal is a crossroads of important artistic and one feels free. “