“More corpses than atoms” police said about another war in Ukraine

"Трупов больше, чем в АТО": полицейский рассказал о другой войне в Украине

In this “war” will not be able to win ever

Since the beginning of the 2018 year as a result of an accident on the road killed about a thousand Ukrainians.

Ex-ATU fighter, police officer Vasyl Koryak wrote in Facebook that in the country there is another war in the roads accidents killed 988 people and affected more than 10 million, reports obozrevatel.com.

“Only this is not a war in the East. This is across the country. A thousand dead and ten thousand wounded, is on the road, in an accident. In war, where instead of bullets you kill low flying cars, and instead of fragments (for mass destruction) used minibuses, converted from trucks and refrigerators. I won’t lie if I pretend that the year in the field of blood and dead bodies I’ve seen more than a year in the ATO…”, – wrote the Koryak.

He cited the example that drivers and passengers weren’t wearing seat belts, because the fines of a penny and distracted on the phone.

“But that day, when I shall bring really stiff penalties for traffic violations (and we all remember how they are written), when every corner will hang in the chamber, and on each pole on the radar when you join the state patrol so that b enough time not only throwing between calls, and also on prevention of road traffic… There will rise another moan is about the “uncomfortable” seat belt about the extra double solid “do not what, but as my house in the yard to come over?”, about the incorrect speed limit – “what are you, drive 50 km on the Victory? I have flow, I have overheating”. And much more. But it should be done”, – he wrote.

In his opinion, in this “war” on the roads will not be able to win ever.