More than a million Ukrainians have signed up against rising gas prices: Our region handed over demands to the officials

Более миллиона украинцев подписались против повышения цены на газ: Наш край передал требования чиновникам

“Our land,” the government passed the requirement of more than a million Ukrainians not to raise the price of gas. This was reported today at a briefing in the Verkhovna Rada the representatives of the party.

At the briefing in the Verkhovna Rada, which was attended by party leaders, MPs and heads of regional organizations, the reporters were shown boxes with the sign-up sheets.

“We have collected over 1 million signatures of citizens against the increase in gas prices. One of these boxes with signatures I will pass today, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman during the Hour of questions to the government. Convinced that the government should protect people”, – said in his opening remarks Sergey Shakhov.

Co-Chairman of party “Our land” Alexander Mazurchak explained why Ukraine can not only keep up the present price of gas, but to reduce it.

“Ukraine is produced 20.5 billion cubic meters of gas per year when the needs of the population and housing 17 billion in the Cost of production of state enterprise “Ukrgazdobycha” thousand cubic meters of gas last year was 1033 hryvnia. The population of gas sold according to the “düsseldorf+” 6957 hryvnia. Why Ukrainian gas is sold to the Ukrainians for the price of the import, if under the Constitution, all the deposits belong to the people?”, – said Alexander Mazurchak.

Member of the political Council of “Our land”, the people’s Deputy Oleg Nedava added that the Ukrainian gas reserves can even increase production, but the management of “Naftogaz” failing government program development of gas production.

“Most of the profits of the subsidiary took the “Naftogaz”. In two years the total debt of “Naftogaz” before “Subsidiary” has increased from 1 billion USD to 24 billion. Production needs investment, not billions of dollars of debt! “Ukrgasdobycha” just robbed!”, – said Oleg Nedava.

The participants at the briefing called on the government to consider the position of the people of Ukraine concerning the gas price increase and to take urgent action. In particular, they noted that we should prevent the shifting of billions of dollars of debt to the oligarchs to ordinary citizens, reduce the price of gas, to upgrade the management of “Naftogaz” and to address the real problems of the Ukrainian mining and energy industries.

Recall that the party “Our edge” and collected signatures against the increase of gas prices for the period from July 2018. Signatures were collected in all regions of Ukraine, as well as in the Internet. To coordinate the work of activists and supporters worked as a telephone “hot line”.

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