More than half of Russians are in favor of active measures to protect athletes

61 percent of the Russian population believes that the government should take active measures to protect the Russian athletes in doping scandal. Data provided by the Russian center for public opinion research.


VTSIO conducted a survey of Russians in connection with the new IOC decision on participation of the national team in the Olympics in Pyeongchang. From the results of the study shows that more than half of Russians believe that Russia should do everything possible to protect athletes. Some of them were in favour of tighter anti-doping controls.

In the courts to prove the innocence of the athletes advised 16 percent of Russians. Some believe that Russia is not obliged to justify and go on about the West. More than 10 percent of respondents believe that the country needs to resolve the conflict peacefully and without fanfare. It should be noted that the fact of use of prohibited means Russian athletes doubt the residents of the Russian Federation.